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Hello. I am Roderick. I am a Research & Development Engineer at BBC R&D in London. During the day I invent newfangled telly-related things with information retrieval and computer vision. Once the sun has set, I works on all manner of side projects: Web weekend projects like altfilm or Visa Free, carpentry projects like building a bar, hacking around with some Kinects, writing an iPhone game, making some art installations.

I jot down some of my thoughts on my blog, and can occasionally be found on Twitter.

Having grown up in Switzerland from Scottish and English parents, and having lived in Malta for a few years, I’m never quite sure what my nationality is. But that’s ok — when I’m not relentlessly making things, I love travelling and taking pictures of my adventures trekking mountains in the Philippines, getting chased by wild monkeys in China and scuba diving shipwrecks in the Mediterranean.