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Hello. I am Roderick. I work as Head of R&D at SQR Systems a video compression and cybersecurity startup in London. Before that I worked a number of years as a Research & Development Engineer at BBC R&D. During the day I work on new applications for video compression technology and telecoms technology, and play around with computer vision. I have a passion for experimenting with information retrieval and machine learning have an interest in the semantic web. I works on all manner of side projects: Web weekend projects like altfilm or Visa Free, carpentry projects like building a bar, hacking around with some Kinects, writing an iPhone game, making some art installations.

Having grown up in Switzerland from Scottish and English parents, and having lived in Malta for a few years, I’m never quite sure what my nationality is. But that’s ok — when I’m not relentlessly making things, I love travelling and taking pictures of my adventures and of the people in my life (like my other half, Becky Wong).