Naive Bayes for fun and profit

Five years ago, I made a website in Django for a friend in Switzerland - a website for a skiing club encouraging the sport as an activity for young children to take up, offering heavily discounted training and instruction to children under a certain age. A lovely idea I was keen in helping out with.

Published on the 9 Dec, 2012

Building Python lxml in a virtualenv on Mac OS X 10.7

UPDATE: As of 19th April 2013, libxml has been updated to version 2.9.1. This fixes the issue that was in 2.9.0 which resulted in a failed build on Mac OS. The steps in the original post should no longer be needed and you should be able to install lxml or any python application that uses lxml simply by preceeding the command with STATIC_DEPS=true (for instance STATIC_DEPS=true pip install lxml). Setting this environment variable will ensure the latest lxml is downloaded (rather than linking dynamically to the one in your installation). This is in fact what lxml suggests. I’ve updated this post as it seems to get quite a lot of traffic from people with python lxml issues. If you’re still having issues, the original post continues below and goes into a lot more detail.

Published on the 27 Oct, 2012

Adventures in the land of reference types

While reading someone else’s C++ code, I have recently come across something which could perhaps best be described as passing-by-reference (in a constructor) to an instance reference variable. Aside from being quite a mouthful, it is not something I had come across before and thought it interesting enough to document here.

Published on the 4 Oct, 2012
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