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My name is Roderick

I'm a London-based creative technologist, innovation strategist, and full-stack developer.

I help companies define, develop and deliver disruptive products in Video Streaming, Telecoms, Cybersecurity, IoT and Big Data.

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Past Work

Over the past decade I've delivered a number of projects in video technology research, real-time streaming, cryptography, machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.


Head of R&D, SQR Systems

Strategy Agile Project Management IoT Image Processing H.264 Opus RESTful Ansible Python Flask VoIP Android NDK C C++11 React.js MQTT Node.js VoIP SIP AWS Stripe MySQL

During my time at SQR Systems I was responsible for delivering a number of projects to our customers, from bidding process through to final delivery. I was also responsible for determining the technical innovation strategy, and for translating this into the product development roadmap with the Head of Engineering. Not wanting to let my development skills go to waste, I was also part of the day-to-day produt development of backend microsystems, the API and mobile app products.


Software Developer, SQR Systems

Agile Project Management Architecture Codecs C C++11 Android Android NDK Streaming RTP Python MySQL

Before I was Head of R&D, I worked as a Software Developer, where I researched novel technologies around encryption and data compression. I developed the initial architecture of company codebase in C++, and the Android app prototype. I also ran demonstration to customers and partners and prepared bids for research funding and commercial projects.


Research & Development Engineer, BBC R&D

Machine Learning Text Processing Image Processing Bundle Adjustment Speech to text Content Recommendation AMQP AWS Codecs Arduino Xapian Embedded Systems

When I worked at the BBC, in the R&D department, I ran or participated in a number of research projects. Including building the first ever projector rig capable of displaying content at very high framerates (up to 300 fps, using an Arduino, liquid crystals, and several projectors), a practical solution for running machine learning and tagging processes on a very large dataset at scale (using RabbitMQ to distribute jobs on AWS), building a new display technology for experiencing augmented reality using pico projectors and bundle adjustement on infrared markers, and a prototype technology for recommending content to users based on the current conversation in a programme (using non-negative matrix factorisation-based clustering and a javascript-based HTML visualisation).


Freelance web developer

Web design PHP Web Apps MySQL JavaScript

From the age of 16 until mid-way through my degree I paired-up with a friend and worked on a number of web development projects, including a major swiss radio station, a web app for use by the BBC finance team, a ticketing support system for an managed services provider, and many others.

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