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Services to help you build succesful products. From definition all the way through to deployment at scale.

I help companies define, develop and deliver disruptive in Video Streaming, Telecoms, Cybersecurity, IoT and Big Data.

Technical consultancy

With my past startup experience as Head of R&D, I have managed the organisational technical research strategy and the internal processes of innovation. I have contributed to a number of standardisation organisations in broadcasting, telecoms, IoT and in cybersecurity.

5G? WebRTC? End-to-end encryption? 360 Video? Recommendation bots? In a complex landscape of best practices, standardisation and regulation, I can help you make sense of the technical horizon and trends shaping Big Data, video streaming, telecoms and cybersecurity. Together we'll design a structured action plan so you can harness these changes and capture new market opportunities, with specific and measurable outcomes.

Applied Innovation

My passion is to find new approaches to problems which have never been tried before. In the last seven years I have worked in corporate innovation, doing just that.

In my past responsibilities, I have successfully managed a number of projects from proposal through to delivery, for both UK and US government and enterprise customers. Including projects funded by EU and UK grants. I have also succesfully filed a patent and demonstrated new technology at conferences throughout Europe.

Funding opportunities for SMEs in emerging technologies and infrastructure are increasing. Together we can build a framework for your organisation to try out radical ideas. Increase your visibility in the industry by participating in the discussion, and accumulate competitive resources.

Product development

Through my prior experience at BBC R&D and a Cybersecurity startup specialising in secure voice and video communications, I have past experience in a number of technologies and can work on products (in agile teams or solo) ranging from applied Machine Learning platforms, Mobile Apps, Web APIs and many more. The languages I am most familiar with are C++11 and Python. Though I have used many more on my journey, and am keen to apply new languages and frameworks.


Prototypes and MVPs are not much good if they cannot scale into competitive commercial products. I am hugely excited by the DevOps revolution happening in the industry, and derive great satisfaction from automating deployment infrastructure, implementing systems for running computation at scale, and building processes for long-term technical growth.

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